LooseChanj (loosechanj) wrote in funkyt0wn,

Front Row Baby

Ok, so back in the day I used to go to concerts. And one fine evening me and some friends drove to Lakeland to see David Lee Roth on the Skyscraper tour. I got a decent place staked out for Faster Pussycat, the opening band. During the intermission I managed to wiggle my way all the way to the rail, so I was staring almost straight up at the stage. So close I could see the chords they were playin'.

DLR sweats A LOT. For some the time I had my right arm between some chicks tits. And for some of the rest I was getting my ass groped, in a case of mistaken identity. Hey, when you're packed that tight, it's tough to tell one butt from the next.

Anyway, I'm struggling to breath and enjoy the show. At one point, DLR disappears to sing some song from the other end of the arena. Then...

For the song 'Skyscraper', he does this drop down from the rafters onto the stage and starts running around. With his arms outstretched. I could see the roadie cringe, and go "Oh shit". Yep, one of dave's arms hit his mike stand and sent the mike flying. Needless to say, the first verse was instrumental.
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